50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream

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50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream – If you just got engaged, congratulations! You feel all the love that a dove feels~ and bask in this exciting moment. Maybe you saw the proposal coming, or it was a complete surprise when your partner popped the question. Either way, you deserve to celebrate this big relationship milestone (and show off that sparkly new bling!). Now that you’re officially getting married, you might want to announce the news on social media to everyone you know with a cute engagement quote. But how do you find the right headline to capture the moment?

. Should you be nice and kind? Clever and funny? Add a cute emoji and call it a day? Should you go without subtitles? If you’re wondering what to use as an interaction caption, you’re certainly not alone. But don’t worry! It is completely possible to find

50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream

50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream

That’s where we come in! If words aren’t your forte, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to be funny, chatty, or just let people know what’s up and move on with your life, here are 50 engagement quotes to announce that you’re tying the knot. Feel free to copy and paste, mix and match, make your own captions (and prepare for endless DM “congratulations”).

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Tianna Soto is a writer, editor, and professional wellness speaker based in New York. She was previously a contributor on the dating team at Elite Daily and an associate editor at Her Campus Media. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling, singing, and speaking to college audiences about mental health. You can connect with her on Instagram and Twitter.

50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream

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50 Best Quotes About Love I Dream

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