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50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade – Alexander † (June 1, 1999 – June 2022), better known online as Technoblade or Techno, was an American YouTuber and streamer. He was best known for his Minecraft Hypixel content, his collaborations with other Minecraft content creators, such as the Sleepy Bois Inc. and Skeppy, his friendly rivalry with fellow YouTuber Dream, and his role in three major SMPs: SMPEarth, Dream SMP, and Origins SMP.

Techno uploaded notoriously infrequently on his YouTube channel and occasionally aired on YouTube. He also uploaded popular clips of him on his channel, Technothepig. He is widely remembered for his relaxed flowing style, deep voice, tenacity and sarcastic persona, as well as his Minecraft PvP skills.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Although he uploaded several videos after this announcement, his father revealed that he passed away near the end of June 2022.

A Beautiful Speech

Tekno first started uploading videos to his old channel, StudioLORE, in July 2009. He posted low-quality Roblox and Team Fortress 2 videos irregularly for four years. However, his channel did not grow much and he decided to move on at the age of 13.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Techno started uploading to his current channel in October 2013. He created the channel with the sole goal of reaching 10 million subscribers, and decided to play on the Minecraft server Hypixel to achieve this goal. He started uploading Hunger Games (known as “Blitz Survival Games”) content because it was the most popular minigame at the time, and his montages found some success. Starting in 2015, he switched to playing Hypixel’s new SkyWars and BedWars minigames, which quickly became the most-played Minecraft minigames. During that time, he also made a deal with the owner of Hypixel, Simon Collins-Laflamme, who promised Techno the unique [PIG] rank on the server if Techno reached 10 million subscribers.

Additionally, Techno livestreamed beating Minecraft’s Hardcore mode (Minecraft’s hardest game mode) with a steering wheel, which was his most popular video.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Locations On The Smp

He achieved the previous longest BedWars win streak of 1,400 after Simon promised him Hypixel gift cards for reaching a 1,000 win streak.

Later, Techno released mostly Hypixel SkyBlock content, which continued to be popular. This included “the fastest man in sky block”.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Since June 2019, Techno has participated in Minecraft Monday, an event hosted by Keemstar, which featured well-known content creators such as PewDiePie, DanTDM and CaptainSparklez. Techno rose to mainstream attention after winning the first week with ShotGunPlays, and his popularity continued to grow throughout the 13 weeks of the competition. His success also prompted other players to target him and the organizers to add other mini-games into the event. In total, his team placed first four times, while he placed first individually seven times.

My Alignment Chart Of Dream Smp Characters

Through Minecraft Mondays, Techno has interacted with several high-profile content creators. He teamed up with Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, and Jschlatt, all of whom he continued to be satisfied with. During the first week, Simon also offered Techno a deal. He stated that if Techno won, he would gain the [PIG] rank on Hypixel, despite his earlier agreement of 10 million subscribers.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Techno won the event and gained the rank. The offer continued for the rest of Minecraft Mondays: every time Techno won, he would earn another “+” in his rank. After winning four Minecraft Mondays, Techno had the pink [PIG+++] rank on Hypixel.

In late October 2019, Techno began a nine-month, three-video series on the Great Potato War, a war for the #1 potato rank on Hypixel SkyBlock against fellow player im_a_squid_kid.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Pirates Smp / Characters

Although he originally planned to farm potatoes to obtain an in-game item, he decided to work towards the #1 potato rank. Beginning on November 13, 2019, the target quickly escalated into a war with Squid. After several months of farming, Techno and Squid agreed to race to 500 million potatoes, after which the war would officially end.

Simon also stated that the winner would receive a surprise, which was revealed to be a temporary NPC in the SkyBlock Hub.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Techno won the Potato War on June 22, 2020. The Potato War series became one of Techno’s most popular series, with the three videos having over 76 million views in total. It also established many of Techno’s inside jokes, including his obsession with potatoes, usage of quotes from The Art of War (The Art of War) by Sun Tzu, and his references to his “plan”.

Technoblade, Minecraft Youtuber Watched By Millions, Dead At 23

During the Potato War, Techno also entered SMPEarth and played actively for a week. Later, he claimed he joined the server to throw Squid off his trail for the Potato War.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Despite not being fully invested in the server, Techno founded the Antarctic Empire with Phil and claimed the majority of the server exploiting a flaw in the server’s demand system.

He also met Tommy and fought against him in the Great SMPEarth War; his actions promoted his reputation as a Minecraft PvPer.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

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As of February 9, 2020, Techno has participated in 13 MC Championships (debuting in MCC 2). In MCC 4, he teamed up with Phil, Wilbur, and Tommy as the Purple Pandas and placed first. In MCC 8, he teamed up with Dream, KingBurren, and Michaelmcchill as the Pink Parrots and placed second.

Techno is known as one of the best MCC players. He holds several records, including being one of three people to participate in more than five MCCs without leaving the top 10 individual leaderboard. MCC also acknowledged his achievements; during MCC 6, a team was called the “Pink Piglets”, and the Audience Takeover was renamed “Techno Takeover”.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

However, he would return for two more events (MCCAS and MCCP22); where Techno acts as a spectator within the previous event.

Technoblade Blood For The Blood God 2 Dreamsmp Minecraft

Techno was invited to Minecraft Ultimate Season 2, hosted by Pikaclicks on July 25, 2020, by Cxlvxn and xNestorio when two of their team members dropped out. The tournament was a game of Minecraft Hunger Games, but with several additions, and donations gave the players items supporting various charities.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Tekno was able to obtain full diamond armor, a rare feat in MC Ultimate, and his team placed first with 116 kills. Techno also placed first individually, with 47 kills, while Calvin placed second with 40 and Nestorio placed third with 29. Due to the team getting many of their kills from flying around with elytra, the name “Technoplane” resurfaced.

On August 20, 2020, Techno and Dream participated in a duel hosted by MrBeast where the winner was promised $100,000. The duel consisted of 10 matches alternating between Minecraft 1.8 (the favored version of Techno) and 1.16 (the favored version of Dream). Techno won 6 of the matches, winning the duel.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Dream Smp Quotes

Techno joined the Dream SMP on September 22, 2020, and he quickly became an important figure in the plot. His staunchly anarchist character motivated many major plot events, including the Manberg-Pogtopia War and the Doomsday War, by fighting against governments. The interactions of his character also highlighted the values ​​and development of other characters, such as Dream, Tommy, and members of the union. During his time on the SMP, he was considered one of the most powerful characters, as well as one of the main antagonists. The popularity of the server, especially from 2020 to 2021, also contributed to Techno’s continued growth.

Alongside occasional role playing on the Dream SMP, Techno has been uploading more individual content and collaborations with other content creators. He has released several collaborations with Skeppy, MrBeast, and Sleepy Bois Inc., as well as Hypixel SkyBlock content in which he briefly became the SkyBlock mayor.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

Following his announcement that he had cancer on August 27, 2021, he also uploaded Minecraft challenges and updates on his cancer treatment.

Youreyeslookliketheocean — You Have Encountered A Wild Tommyinnit! This Is My

On June 30, 2022, Techno’s family released a video and revealed that Techno had passed away after battling stage four cancer. In the video, Techno’s dad read Techno’s last note and thanked all the fans.

50 Best Dream Smp Quotes Technoblade

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