45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, born April 26th in 121 AD, was a Roman emperor, Stoic philosopher, and one of history’s greatest leaders. Considered one of the “Five Good Emperors” of the last peaceful period of the Roman Empire before its division in 395 AD and subsequent decline, Marcus is often remembered for his Meditations, a collection of notes, thoughts, and stories about Stoics. analysis. If you are looking for the best quotes from Marcus Aurelius about Stoicism and the meaning of the good life, hello, you have found the right place!

In this curated list, you’ll find the 10 most famous Marcus Aurelius quotes, based on reading choices from Goodreads. We’ll also share Nik’s favorite lines from the great thinker, a little insight into why studying philosophy is important, and a bunch of creative ideas you can use to share your favorite words in social media.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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Now, let’s dive into the best quotes from Marcus Aurelius, and, in his first of many great lines, remember that “the choice of indifference is always yours.” “Things don’t ask to be judged by you,” so take what you find useful, eat what you find inspiring, and leave the rest!

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

Think these are Marcus Aurelius’s most famous quotes? I did the research for you. Below are the top 10 quotes from everyone’s favorite author, ranked based on votes from real readers on Goodreads. The maximum number of votes is about 5,200. The final word on the list is more than 1,600 wishes.

1. “You have control over your mind – not external events. Understand this, and you will gain strength.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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2. Think about the beauty of life. Look at the stars, and see yourself flying with them. Always meditate on the transformation of things into one another, for such thoughts wash away the dust of worldly life.

4. Everything we hear is opinion, not fact. Everything we see is an appearance, not the truth.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

Note: The second part of this sentence may not be from Marcus. The first part appears in the Meditations when Marcus tells Monimus, a Cynic scholar. It’s a good line!

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6. If you suffer from something outside, the pain is not because of the thing itself, but because of your own thoughts; and you have the right to cancel at any time.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

7. “When you wake up in the morning think about the blessings of life, think, be happy, love…”

10. “Accept the things that hold you in the end, and love those who join you, but do so with all your heart.”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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The hardest part of gathering words from someone who lived nearly 2,000 years ago is making sure that what you see is what that person wrote or said. In the case of Marcus, we appreciate the Meditations, his first and only work, a journal of sorts, consisting of 12 volumes and surviving to this day. Almost all the references we can point to Marcus clearly go back to this text.

With so many translations available from the original Greek, there is no shortage of clever lines from a man who has carried the burden of leadership well. I started reading the book some time ago. Although I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve read The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday over and over, and in

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

Here are 34 of my favorite quotations from the “philosopher king,” all translations based on Holiday’s usage in The Daily Stoic, except #22:

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11. “Realize later that there is something in you that is more powerful and divine than what causes the fleshly desires and pulls you like a puppet. What thoughts are holding you back? in my mind? Is it not fear, doubt, desire, and the like?”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

12. Do not return to philosophy as an administrator, but when the sick seek relief in the treatment of sore eyes, or dressing for fever, or ointment. In this way, you will listen to the teacher without being exposed and relax his care.

13. “Consider the life you have lived until now later and, like a dead man, see what is left as a bonus and live according to Nature. You love the hand that fate gives you and play like your own hand, because what’s right?

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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14. “The art of living is like boxing before dancing, because it is useful in artistic life to be prepared to meet and defend against sudden and unexpected attacks. “

15. It is not a man to be angry. But man is better, and therefore more human. The closest a person is to a calm mind is the closest to strength.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

18. Keep a list of people who are hot with anger and rage for something, the most famous ones for success, misfortune, bad deeds, or any special situation. Then ask yourself, how did it happen? Smoke and dust, the stuff of simple fiction trying to become legendary…”

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19. If someone has done something wrong to you, you should immediately think about the good and bad things they have done. Because when you see that, you will love it, instead of being surprised and angry. “

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

20. We are like many incense sticks that fall on one altar. Some will fail sooner, some later, but it doesn’t matter. “

21. “A mind freed from evil passions is an impenetrable fortress—a man’s refuge at all times.”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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22. “Choose not to be hurt, you don’t expect to be hurt. Don’t feel bad, and you haven’t. “

23. “Try a different prayer, and see what happens: Instead of asking for a way to sleep with him, try asking for a way to stop wanting to sleep with him.’ , ‘try to ask for a way to not want his death.’ Instead of ‘a way to lose my child,’ try asking ‘a way to lose my fear of him.’

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

24. “That cucumber is bitter, throw it away! Thorns are in the way, then leave! Game over. Why consider the existence of the problem? “

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25. “When you first wake up in the morning, say to yourself: I will meet evildoers, narcissists, egomaniacs, liars, jealous people and jokers. It’s fixed they all have these problems because they don’t know the difference between good and bad. Because I know the beauty of good and the badness of evil, I know these evildoers will always be with me… and no one can harm me, or involve me in evil – I cannot be angry with my family or hate them. Because , we were made for friendship.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

26. “Dig deep within yourself, because there is a fountain of goodness that will keep flowing if you keep digging.”

27. You are made of three parts—body, breath, and mind. Of these, the first two are yours because they are in your care. Only the third is yours.”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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28. If someone can confirm and show me what I think and what I do wrong, I will be happy to change it – because I am looking for the truth, no one was hurt. The one who is harmed is the one who lives in delusion and ignorance.

29. “Kindness is invincible, but only if it is true, without hypocrisy and deceit. Because what can the worst person do if you continue to be kind, and if given the chance, would you gently point out where they are wrong – while they are trying to harm you?”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

30. “It is important for you to remember that the thought of a work is equal to its value, because you will not be tired and give up, if you do not please yourself with small things before the thing. must be accepted.

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31. There is happiness for the people in the righteous work of the person. And humanitarian action includes: acts of kindness to other people, disregarding emotional impulses, recognizing positive emotions, and reflecting on nature and everything is like that.

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

32. “How we love ourselves above all else, but we put the opinion of others before our opinion of yourself…”

33. “You must build your life on work, and be satisfied if everyone achieves his goal as much as possible-and no one can prevent you from this.”

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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34. “If you find something very difficult to achieve by yourself, do not think that it is impossible – because anything that is possible and suitable for another person can be achieved just as easily for you.”

36. “Don’t be ashamed of not being able to help. You have a duty to act as a

45 ++ Best Quotes By Albert Einstein

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