45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

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45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English – I would like to start my holy journey to Kedarnath with a famous quote from the Shiva Trilogy “It is attachment that makes people forget not only their moral duties but also who they really are”. It was always in my mind that one day I would visit the heavenly Kedarnath Temple and finally in June 2019 Lord Shiva invited me to visit his holy place. The journey started at 5 a.m. from Parade Ground, Dehradun where I occupied the front seat of Vishwanath Bus Seva. This is a special bus only for Char Dham Yatra.

The Bus started at 5 a.m. from Dehradun and it reached Teendhara (after crossing Rishikesh) around 8a.m. You can find no. of dhabas (Restaurant) in that area. The Bus stopped for 30 minutes for BREAKFAST there.

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

Only after traveling for 30 minutes came DEVPRAYAG where Alaknanda met Bhagirathi and Saraswati(not visible as it is underground).

Kedarnath Temple. I Would Like To Start My Holy Journey…

The Bus stopped for 5 minutes at Devprayag and reached Srinagar around 10 a.m. Srinagar is famous for NIT Uttarakhand and Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University named after Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna. The Bus stopped there for a few minutes and then proceeded with the rest of the journey. Around 11:30 the bus reached RUDRRAPRAYAG. In the Rudraprayag Alaknanda river the Mandakini river meets. The Bus stopped there for 30 minutes. Around 12 noon, the Bus moved forward for the Next stop, GUPTKASHI. Guptkashi is a town located in Rudraprayag district. The bus stopped there for some new passengers. After that the bus headed to its last stop – Sonprayag.

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

The bus arrived at Sonprayag at three o’clock in the afternoon. in the afternoon. The shade of blue of the sky disappeared at that time. There are some clouds hovering over the town. I walked to the registration desk where I gave them my basic Aadhar details. The person sitting there handed me the registration slip.

I moved on and crossed a bridge to find some shuttles that would take pilgrims to Gaurikund 8 Kilometers ahead to Sonprayag. I sat in the backseat of a shuttle vehicle. The driver waited for some passengers. After waiting for 10 minutes the shuttle was completely full and then he started the engine of his car. The shuttle took 10 minutes to reach Gaurikund. The driver parks his car in the designated parking area. He asked 20 rupees per person from all the passengers and after he paid all the passengers went first. While walking there was a long line of pilgrims going back to Sonprayag. Local police officers help them board the

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

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After walking 100 meters ahead of the long line, a no. of hotels began to appear. I entered the thin lane that passes between the chain of hotels. I booked a room in a hotel for Rs. 500. It is on the second floor surrounded by mountains from two sides and Mandakini river from two sides. There is a small double-bed, a side-table, two quilts, two pillows in the room. Although the

Bathroom does not look pleasant to the eye. I still adjust according to the situation. I changed my clothes and went to the market and then I saw the Hot water spring(pond) on the side of Mandakini river. People sit on the edge of the spring and bathe with the help of mugs because the water is so hot. Do not enter the pond or swim. A policeman is specially deployed there to take care of the compliance to be observed. I took the holy bath and then I returned to the room. I didn’t feel hungry so I went to bed without having dinner.

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

It was quite dark in the morning when I woke up. The sweet whistling of the Mandakini river with the chirping of birds is what I dream of waking up like this one day. Waking up like this is very satisfying for me. I went to the Hot water spring again to take a bath. The sun had not yet risen at that moment. It’s really a very peaceful environment. People of all ages and genders are there to bathe. After my bath I went to the market and bought jalebi for my breakfast. I took them and went back to my room.

Shri Kedarnath Dham And Tungnath Temple

5:45 a.m. when I was ready to start my trekking. I checked my room and started walking in the busy Gaurikund market. After walking 500 meters, a large horse stable was there. Hundreds of horses were tied there. People book horses from there. I walked first. Several people on horses and pedestrians walk in the same direction with OM NAMAY SHIVAY and JAI BHOLE on their lips. The sun was already bright at that moment. The slope of the road gradually increases. The pedestrians who felt energetic a few minutes ago now took a deep breath. There are benches after every few hundred meters for pedestrians to rest. But I continued to walk slowly and steadily because I knew the journey was long. So I had to continue with a little break. I took full advantage of my previous trekking experiences. I aim to walk 1 Km and then rest for 5 minutes. During that rest period I drink water and eat any small pieces of fruit or biscuits to replenish my glycogen levels. With this technique I completed 12 Km. Then I spotted a dhaba where I ordered 2 aloo parantha. I rested there for half an hour and then I continued again. In some designated areas there was availability of free WIFI where I whatsapped my relatives to update them about my trip. Other than WIFI there is no other signal on the road.

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

It is said “It is the journey which is important and not the destination”. Although here the destination is very important but the journey has made it more difficult and important. I had to walk for the remaining 10 Km and now the real beauty of Kedarnath valley appears. The pedestrian path is on the left side of the Mandakini river from Gaurikund but after some distance the course shifts to the right side of the Mandakini river. This is because of the tragedy that came in 2013 where many people died and several paths were destroyed in the flash flood. A new path was made on the right side of the river.

The 12 Km journey made my breaths very heavy and now I rest after every 500 meters. But the good thing is that I covered the first 12 Km in 4 hours. So, it was 10 in the morning and for completing the remaining 10 Km I had plenty of time with me. The sun is also bright. The clouds that hovered in the morning have disappeared. So with this positivity I slowly moved on with little pace. I rested wherever I could find benches while carrying a backpack full of clothes and daily necessities. My speed dropped but I continued. I reached Kedarnath base camp at 1 PM which is 2 Km behind the temple. I sat inside a dhaba where I ordered Dal-chawal and ate it. I rested there for half an hour. I arrived outside the dhaba and the weather was wonderful. I wrapped a jacket and muffler to protect myself from the cold air at that high altitude. Helicopters pass overhead taking pilgrims to and from the Phata(a place) and Temple. Now with only 2 Km to go I regained my energy. The high slope became straight and plain as well. After 20 minutes I saw the top of the Temple behind the hotels. I continued walking and found myself in a very systematic and gigantic road circle. There are benches for pilgrims to enjoy the view of the mountains. There is a straight road very wide about 30 feet wide accompanied by steps leading to an open hall in front of the majestic Kedarnath Temple. I had booked a room near Temple Road and after keeping my luggage in the room, I went to the Temple. It’s 2:45 p.m. and the temple closes at 3:00 p.m. I went there and luckily there was no queue. There is a large stone Nandi Maharaj just outside the Main Entrance. I touched the Main Gate in reverence and entered inside the temple which led me to a hall where images of Pandavas and Kunti mata were cut on the walls which helped me to realize that the temple was built by Pandava after the great war of the Mahabharata. After the hall comes the Garbgraha where the lord Shiva lingam is present. The lingam is asymmetrical in shape and placed in the center of the Main Hall. Many more images of idols can be seen on the walls of the temple. After taking blessings from the Garbgraha I came out from the right side of the Exit. Then I performed the Parikrama around the temple. A large Trishul was seen placed in the

45 ++ Best Kedarnath Dream Quotes In English

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