45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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Are you planning to visit Paris in October and wondering what the weather is like, how busy it is, and if fall is a good time to go to Paris, France?

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

In this article, you can find what it’s like in Paris in October, what to expect, and our top tips for your visit. look out!

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Good to know: We have been to Paris several times and recently visited Paris at the beginning of October. All of the information in this article is based on our first-hand experience and observations of what it’s like to visit Paris in the fall. Of course, every visit will be different, but this should give you a good idea of ​​what to expect.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Yes, October is a great month to visit Paris. With mild weather and relatively few crowds, October is one of the best times of the year to visit the City of Lights.

The main disadvantage of visiting Paris in October is that you may experience a little more rain. But this is something you can’t really plan for any season. It is also very likely that it will rain continuously every day of your visit. And with a little luck, you’ll get beautiful sunny days with temperatures of 15-20°C (60-70F) and not a drop of rain.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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Along with the changing climate, it seems to be getting hotter and drier every year. And with so many places to see and things to do inside, don’t miss it

Some rain will stop you from planning an autumn visit to Paris. Because there are some benefits too!

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

The cooler weather and crowds in Paris in October make a visit more enjoyable. Since the days are short and the sun is low, the lighting is beautiful for photography and there’s no need to stay up late to catch some beautiful light displays or a spectacular sunset from one of the best views in Paris. Colorful fall foliage also adds a nice touch.

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While not exactly low season, Paris sees fewer tourists in October than in the summer months. So the cost of flights (or trains) and accommodation is relatively low. But don’t count on very cheap last minute deals and book in advance! My research shows that train tickets and hotels only get more expensive the closer to our travel dates.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

The weather in Paris in October is usually mild, and you can always expect some rain. The average temperature in October is 9 to 16°C (50-60F) and it rains on 8 days. But as you know, ‘average’ doesn’t really say much.

Just an example. A week before our trip – late September – it was raining almost every day in Paris, with daytime temperatures of 12-16°C (54-60F). The first week of October was sunny with temperatures of 17-23°C (62-74F). Another week later – around the middle of October, it was just as hot, but with some

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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That’s a huge difference -12°C (54F) or 23°C (74F) – in just a few days. And if you’re visiting Paris in October, this is something you really need to be prepared for! You can find more information on what to wear and what to pack below.

Good to know: Don’t be discouraged by the weather forecast calling for rain all week. If you look closely, you will see that the chance of rain is often 50-60% or less, which means that most of the time you will not see any rain, or very soon.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

In terms of temperature, there is a big difference between visiting Paris in the first week of October or at the end of the month. Although at the beginning of the month you can feel comfortable with a sweater during the day, by the end of October you will definitely need a warm jacket. Also keep in mind that mornings and evenings can be very cold.

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As you can see, there is some difference between the weather at the beginning and the end of the month. What you won’t see here is that the temperature in the last week of September was lower than the last week of October, and it rained more. So you never know exactly what kind of weather you will get.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Packing for Paris in October is pretty easy. In fact, we found it very similar to visiting Rome in November. So if you are planning to take a fall trip to European cities, packing should be very easy.

Jeans/long pants, t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts, a sweater or two, and a light jacket are all you need.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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I also recommend packing a light scarf for Paris in the fall, as the city is often windy. I used mine all the time, even when it was too warm for the jacket.

Ideally, they pack it in such a way that it can be stacked up and down. Although it is hot during the day, it is usually a little cooler in the morning and evening.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Comfortable shoes are also a must, and ideally, can withstand some rain. Also, don’t forget sunglasses because the autumn sun is low and shines in your eyes.

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You may also want to pack a small umbrella (ideally a light travel model that fits in a small bag). Many signs in Paris do not allow large umbrellas or bags, so try to carry as little as possible.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Our experience: Most of the time I wore long pants and a jhala with a light shirt underneath. I always had a simple scarf with me and wore it a lot. Sometimes – especially in the morning or at night – I also wore a jacket. Other tourists we met also brought sweaters and jackets because you usually leave your hotel in the morning and only come back in the evening, so you have to be prepared for all kinds of temperatures.

Tip: A light jacket (like a lightweight puffer jacket that you can easily fold down) can be useful this season, especially if you’re visiting several places in Europe on the same trip and want to pack light.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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This is what I always wear during the first week of October. Some days were very hot so I left the jacket at the hotel and wore a light jacket with a light scarf instead.

When it comes to daylight hours, there is very little difference between visiting Paris in early and late October. You have about 11.5 hours of daylight in the first week of October and about 10 hours at the end of the month.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Still, even with 10 hours of daylight, you can really see and do a lot each day. And since Paris is so alive and beautifully lit at night, the slightly shorter days won’t affect what you can see and do.

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In October, sunrise in Paris is around 8 – 8.30 am, and sunset – from 6.30 – 7.30 pm.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

Good to know: Europe switches to summer time on the last Sunday of October. The clocks then go back an hour which means it gets dark earlier (around 5.30 pm instead of 6.30 pm). So keep this in mind if you happen to be in Paris at the end of October, especially if you plan to be around sunset.

A few short days in October are compensated by short queues at major sights. Still, even with pre-booked jump tickets, we had to wait in line longer than I expected. This is largely due to airport-style security checks at major landmarks in Paris. On the other hand, there are way less tourists and therefore these lines are shorter in October than in the peak season.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

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We saw some amazing sunsets in Paris in October. At the beginning of the month, the sunset is around 7.30 pm, so you don’t have to be late for some amazing views.

Last September was the shoulder season, and October – the quietest month to visit Paris. Currently, September is still high season and October starts to quiet down a bit.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

That being said, since Paris is so big and there are so many landmarks around the city, it doesn’t feel crowded in October. You can’t compare the population in Paris to cities like for example. Rome, where most of the landmarks are located in the historic old town and all the sidewalks are full of tourists.

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However, it is still very busy in the most popular sites in Paris in October. You can also expect to see some school groups at the museums on weekdays.

45 ++ Best Inspirational Paris Dream Quotes

It’s a bit quieter in the second half of the month, but remember that many European countries have a week of school holidays around mid-October and more.

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