45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

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45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

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45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

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45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

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I consider myself a strong, empowered woman. But one thing that really gets me is when feminists argue that Disney princesses are terrible role models and girls shouldn’t look up to them or try to emulate them. There are many great personality traits that princesses have to offer, but beyond that they are all young girls or young women trying to find their way in the world. It might mean that they are not always perfect, or not always strong. But are any of us?

45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

Of course, I will admit that some of the older princesses are a product of their time. Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora may not be the most empowered women, but they still have positive traits that we young girls can point to and admire when they watch these movies. And we can talk about what those characters could do differently, so we can learn from them and their situations. I would like to start by highlighting the Disney princesses who I think are the best role models from my perspective, but I still want to touch on them all and share some of the good things they have to offer young girls (and young boys). and older girls, and anyone willing to observe).

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Here is my personal list of Disney princesses as good role models, in order of my favorite to least favorite:

45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

Oh my, I love Tiana. Right from the start, she shows that she is a strong, hardworking woman. She has a dream and works hard to achieve this dream, not only passionately believes in it, but also puts in the effort to get what she wants. In fact, her biggest mistake is that she works a little too hard and has difficulty relaxing and having fun. But she is also a good friend to Charlotte, a good daughter and a good employee. She does all this despite coming from a background and time period that made it even more challenging for a black woman to succeed, and yet she overcame this opportunity.

To the naysayers – I’ve heard it argued that Tiana “still needs a man.” No, she didn’t. She chose to be with a man. Strong women can still fall in love and have a partner in life, and there is nothing wrong with that. She never needed Naveen to achieve her dreams, but like a really well-balanced partnership, he helped her relax a bit and see the world in a new way. And she also influenced him for the better so they could both be their best selves. She could incorporate him into her dream, instead of redesigning her dream because of him.

45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

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I can relate to Belle because she is not afraid to be herself. In a town where everyone else gossips and goes about their daily lives, Belle isn’t afraid to be different. She reads books and doesn’t obsess over Gaston like the other girls (she’s not specifically looking for a man, for that matter). Above all, she is looking forward to adventure. And when it comes down to it, she is beyond brave. Her father is missing so she immediately sets out to find him. And when she discovers that he is imprisoned, her instinct is to sacrifice herself for the one she loves. Oh, and did I mention she loves to read? That’s a great thing in any role model.

Even though she is caught with the Beast as a prisoner, she does not bow to him. She stands up for herself and refuses to give in to his demands. If he shows signs of relenting she is also willing to work with him. She doesn’t let the fact that he made a terrible first impression stand in the way of her ability to be kind and try to understand his perspective in life.

45 ++ Best Disney Princess Dream Quotes

To the naysayers – I don’t know how you can not like Belle. Her biggest fault is probably that she can be impulsive

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