37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

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Notes: CW for this chapter (skip to avoid spoilers):   Vomiting, eating disordered thoughts (not really, but kind of, I guess?), blood, involuntary drug use, panic attacks

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Tommy couldn’t believe it. He barely escaped one ship for maybe a few hours before being trapped on another.

Eburnean Tommy Art (@blublu_yu’s Au)

At least this one didn’t have a dream. In fact, the inhabitants of this one didn’t even seem to know they had company, and Tommy was perfectly happy to keep it that way. He just needed a little time to recover, then wait for these aliens to land again and it would be like he was never there. He shifted a little, hoping to get comfortable enough to sleep, and gasped as pain shot through his ribs. Fortunately, the loud engine on this ship seemed to drown out its pitiful sounds.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Both his arrival and departure from his first alien planet were… less than ideal. It is true that he scarcely remembered the landing itself; He hit his head and knocked him out shortly after closing the hatch to the cupboard. When he awoke all he heard was the dripping and crackling of fire putting a metaphorical fire under his ass to get out before it burned and the smell of smoke drove him on. .

He thought about grabbing a spacesuit just in case the air wasn’t breathable, but that seemed pointless when he opened the case and saw that the hull had shattered on impact, opening the cockpit directly into the air.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Youreyeslookliketheocean — Lemon N Lime

Tommy tried to catalog his injuries, but it was almost too much. His left shoulder and right ankle were throbbing and almost too hard to move (almost. Tommyinnit is a big man, he’d never let something like that stop him), his sides were covered in pale bruises, and he suspected the pain with every breath that he he could have broken a rib. Or two. Judging by the way the room kept spinning and the blood pouring down his forehead and face, he suspected he might have a concussion. All minor problems, really.

Actually really minor considering the damage to the ship and the (dead?) alien sitting in the pilot’s seat.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Not. Not dead. Tommy must have seen her jerk his hand and figured that was his cue to get out of there.

Ao3 Recs 2 ✔️

He slipped through the hole in his torso, thankful for once that his poor diet (pre- and post-abduction) had left him slim enough to fit, and hoisted his bag over his shoulder, limping into the outside world, panting. the first fresh (albeit smoky) air he’d had in months.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

If he wasn’t in such pain or in such a rush, he might have spent more time admiring the alien landscape.

Maybe he was being unfair earlier when he called this planet a cheap Christmas ornament. The red, clay soil lent its color to the tree-like plants that grew from it, and the leaves and foliage were bright and iridescent, catching the planet’s blue starlight quite beautifully. He was surprised that the weather was also quite nice, despite the sunlight it was cool but not cold, although in fact he hardly felt the warmth of the sun. He didn’t see any larger wildlife, but he was fascinated by the little bugs that flew around, furry and slow, lazily bouncing on the ground. It was almost enough to distract him from the pain as he walked, but he was still more than grateful when he spotted another ship landing nearby.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Emery’s Mcyt/dsmp Drawings [nsfw And Sfw]

He crept closer, peeking through the branches and watched as three aliens emerged from the ship, two wearing cloaks similar to Tommy’s but with veils in the front. It was hard to tell what they might look like under the fabric, but one was a huge mass towering over the other, and the smaller one was quite tiny, so he figured they might not be the same kind of alien as Dream.

The one without the cape was definitely different. He was as tall as the massive cloaked one, but much slimmer, with six thin, skinny limbs and pale blue skin. Tommy squinted his eyes to try to make out more details and almost cried out in shock as the blue became translucent and all that could be seen of him was a faint shimmer in the air around the clothes he was wearing. What the fuck?!

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

But it didn’t matter, not really. He just needed to wait for them to leave, check to make sure no one else was on board, and sneak in to steal supplies before escaping again. The food in his bag might have lasted him a bit, but what he really needed were clothes and blankets to stay warm and medical supplies to patch up before he found a good place on this planet to hide and cure. Who cares if some aliens can turn invisible or do who knows what else?

Az Art For Every Need Possible

After they left, he waited a few minutes before throwing a rock at the door and listening to see if anything was going on behind them. He did this a few more times before creeping closer and trying to knock, crouching behind the ramp to listen. Satisfied that there was probably no one left on board, Tommy climbed back up the ramp and tried the latch. It was surprisingly easy to open. He guessed they didn’t feel the need to worry about safety when they parked in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe it was because their ship was shit; even Tommy knew it was crap and he’d only been on one so far.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Exploring the ship took him longer than he intended, his injuries slowing him down. He eventually found an apothecary and even recognized some of the medical equipment he watched Dream use on his injuries when the clock pushed him too much (he was too weak, it was his fault he couldn’t keep up with Dream’s standards and he was grateful that Dream had him at all patched up instead of letting him suffer as he deserved). Some of it was beyond his ability, but he managed to grab a splint and wraps, as well as some bruise cream, a few blankets, and a giant bag to pack his ill-gotten belongings. He used their restroom, figuring they wouldn’t be mine (they probably wouldn’t mind stealing, but whatever) and prepared to visit the kitchen and fill his new bag with food when he heard yelling from outside.

He slipped into the nearest door, found himself in a kind of boiler room, and made a split decision.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Therapy Gone Right

If he went out there, they would surely catch him. They’ll take all their stuff back, maybe torture him a bit, and definitely turn him in to the government, the police, or whatever they had, even if they didn’t realize he was human.

If he stayed here, all of this would probably still happen… but there was at least a chance he could hide until he was left alone on the ship again, right? His eyes caught a large opening in the floor and he pulled out his Swiss army knife from Dream’s gift bag and pryed it open. They fit bags easily, and he found the vents to be surprisingly roomy, so he could crawl into other parts of the ship without hitting his head.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

He had barely settled down, using his bags as a pillow, when somewhere above him he heard the engines come to life. I guess there was no turning back.

Pnsfw T0mm¥ C3ntr1c Art

He knew it was better to tell Phil or Techno; Phantoms were known to be sensitive to something like that, and other species tended to just assume they were overreacting. They didn’t understand it

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

However, that came with it. They would probably insist that it was just one of them, apologize and reason that they didn’t realize they were watching, but Wilbur was

He was already looking for hidden cameras or bugs and the like on the ship. He wondered if an animal had come aboard, but the last planet they had visited didn’t have much wildlife and an animal would have made noise if it had been on the ship anyway.

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

Hello There — ⚠️ Warning: Blood, Injuries And They’re Okay

He allowed himself to gradually fade, becoming transparent to ease the discomfort, and exhaled. It would have been fine if it was just one room, but it kept repeating and going all over the ship, once even waking him up in his sleep!

He saw Techno turn to look at him questioningly and rolled his eyes. You see? Obviously it wasn’t Techno, he only started looking now! And Phil

37 The Best Dream X Tommy Ao3

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