37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams – We’ve all seen that secret code in a job ad before – words to describe company culture that give us goosebumps.

The truth is, the words you use to describe your company culture or corporate culture probably say more than you think.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Those magic words that team members use to describe a workplace, or those that a company itself uses to describe its environment, can sometimes say more about how a company operates than its financial statements, the presence of its market position or its plans for growth. .

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Culture is defined as “the ideas, customs and social behavior of a particular people or society”. In a work environment, it covers how people communicate, dress, get to work late or on time, collaborate and generate ideas.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

When we think of corporate culture, for example, we generally think of suits and formal emails with flashes of individual personality peeking through every now and then. Conversely, when we think of a startup culture, we imagine people in t-shirts and sneakers playing pranks in the office.

Company culture starts from the top. Company leaders craft the company’s mission statement and values ​​and model attitudes and expectations. The words they use to describe company culture matter.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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So how are you describing your organizational culture? Are you using words that make your workplace sound appealing, or are you giving subtle verbal cues that are driving away talent?

Here are some of the most popular words to describe company culture, both positive and negative, and a look at how they are interpreted by those in the know.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

An innovative workplace culture sees the world differently. Like some of the big tech companies out there, they look beyond the status quo and encourage a work culture that values ​​risk-taking and trying new ideas. Innovative cultures allow room for failure and are great for companies looking to disrupt their market.

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37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

In a collaborative culture, employees share ideas freely and work closely together to get the job done right. No person is an island in a collaborative culture—workers regularly work together, whether in small groups or large teams, to further the company’s mission and produce better work than they could on their own. . Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say.

A trustworthy work environment is one that places a high value on the integrity of their employees. Faith does not go in one direction. Employers must have faith in their employees and their work, and they must trust them to do the job right. Those employees must then trust that the employer will protect them and has their best interests at heart.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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This mutual trust represents a healthy culture, but it can also be unstable. If one party or the other breaks that trust, it can be incredibly difficult to regain, and it won’t happen overnight.

A strong company learning culture is one that encourages and supports professional development in all its forms. The benefits of a learning culture are happier and more engaged employers with the necessary skill sets to keep the organization moving forward.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Here’s a fun fact: “balance” doesn’t have to mean the “work hard, play hard” paradigm from before. Balance does not need to be about living at two opposite extremes. A happy employee is often one that looks genuine

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Work-life balance—which empowers them to work hard when they’re at work, but also gives them time to enjoy family, friends, and the rest that life has to offer.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Life may not always be positive, but there is more than just compensation that makes an organization a positive place to work. A positive workplace culture is one that focuses on the good wherever it is. They don’t ignore what is going wrong, but also highlight what is going right and work towards reframing challenges to move things in a positive direction.

An entrepreneurial workplace does not necessarily mean that employees are in competition with their employer, or that they will suddenly leave to open a competing business. Entrepreneurial employees approach their work with the mindset of an owner. They take a more holistic view of each project and ensure that their actions are aligned with the company’s goals and needs.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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Autonomous cultures are similar to entrepreneurial cultures, except that the push for autonomy comes from the top. In an autonomous workplace, employees are empowered to make decisions independently and are given the freedom to do so without heavy supervision. This can also lead to a healthy culture where employers don’t worry about having to micromanage workers.

Inclusion in the workplace has gained traction with the movement towards DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). An inclusive culture is one that promotes a sense of belonging among employees from all walks of life and recognizes that their unique experiences can help create a strong culture of collaboration and forward thinking.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Some workplaces strongly believe that a healthy employee is a happy employee and they work to live these values. Truly healthy workplace cultures value not only physical health, but mental health and emotional well-being as well.

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A workplace that encourages physical fitness but expects employees to work 12 and 14 hour days is not a healthy workplace. Instead, a healthy workplace combines fitness and healthy eating with things like yoga, meditation, and a positive attitude toward vacation and family time.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

A fun workplace is one that knows how to have a good time (but not necessarily a party)! They still get the job done, but they’re not afraid to let their employees have a good time while doing it, and they’re not afraid to get silly once in a while.

There are no bad questions in a curious workplace. A curious workplace encourages workers to ask ‘Why?’ These answers often make leaders think more deeply about a project or initiative and can evolve into a new way of doing things.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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A rewarding company culture encourages employees to succeed and recognizes them when they do. While the classic employee of the month plaque can help increase employee engagement and motivation, the ultimate goal is to develop a culture in which employees openly recognize each other for their hard work.

A connected culture is what takes employee engagement to the next level. Leaders place a strong value on keeping employees connected to each other and to the company, and these connections allow employees to share ideas quickly and easily in their work environment.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Have you ever gone to a party and no one says hello? No one wants to be in a cold environment. A welcoming work environment is one that values ​​the onboarding process as an employee retention strategy and ensures that all new employees quickly feel like part of the team.

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There is no law that says workplaces must be cramped! Sometimes a great company culture is also a quiet and laid-back culture. As long as the work is being done on time and the quality is intact, many employers and managers are willing to sit back and relax.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

A transparent workplace reflects a strong organizational culture that trusts employees with a behind-the-scenes look at operations and decision-making. Transparency is not easy for employers, but it often makes employees feel like highly valued members of the team and informs them of the circumstances behind difficult business decisions that may affect them.

Empathy doesn’t have to be difficult, but a little extra compassion goes a long way. In an empathetic culture, managers can acknowledge how employees feel and engage in open communication to see if people are truly happy. This approach can easily alert you to problems before they spiral.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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Unless absolutely necessary, suits and ties are probably a pre-pandemic relic. Today’s younger workers thrive in a casual environment with a casual dress code and casual hour expectations that allow them to thrive at their own pace.

In a post-pandemic world, more people value flexibility about where and when they work than ever before. A flexible workplace culture is one that allows team members this flexibility with either the telecommuting option or a hybrid model. It comes hand in hand with high levels of confidence and autonomy.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

Some workplaces, such as newsrooms or trading floors, thrive in difficult situations and high-pressure environments. For employees who do their best work when the heat is on, a challenging workplace culture can be the perfect fit.

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A respectful workplace is one that is willing to listen to all employees and takes the opinions and feedback of employees who seriously challenge the status quo. Employees are respected because they know they are being heard, so they are not afraid to speak up when they feel it is right.

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

An agile workplace is sometimes described as an “adhocracy culture” where workers can rotate quickly to meet a rapidly changing market culture. This can help a company turn around in times of chaos, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of clear directions and expectations. Learn more about adhocracy culture.

A high-energy workplace can be absolutely infectious. Energy is contagious and an energetic culture can keep all employees working at their full capacity

37 The Best Dream Without Goals Are Just Dreams

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