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37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft – A few hours ago, popular Minecraft streamer and YouTuber Clay “Dream” released the latest entry in his “Minecraft Manhunt” series titled “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters The LAST MANHUNT”. The fan-favorite YouTube series is back as Dream stars as old friends Sapnup, Georgenotfound, Badboy Hello, Awesomedude and the Antfrost Hunters.

The video, like many before it, shows Dream being chased by hunters as he tries to escape and defeats the Ender Dragon, effectively winning the game. This article will go in depth and guide players through the challenge and its consequences.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

The Minecraft Manhunt begins as Dream makes a run for it through a group of five hunters. This group spawns largely in the Badlands biome, so food is scarce as an early game resource.

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The first major breakthrough for Dream came six minutes in when he grabbed a bucket of water in the air for Badboyhallow and jumped off the block tower using it to break his fall. Meanwhile, Antfrost and Awesamdude emerge with almost complete diamond armor sets for everyone.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

Dream soon passes through several structures such as a ruined portal and a desert temple but does not loot the latter. However, he gets grass from a nearby desert village. He then jumps into the sea and goes to the sea monument. The hunters follow him inside but panic as they begin to sink, unable to pull out due to the “mine fatigue” status effect.

Meanwhile, Dream manages to stay underwater and uses a new water bucket trick to give himself a small breath.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

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With the screams of the Hunters echoing behind him, Dream makes his way through various biomes and forms a nether portal deep underground. However, he goes into the nether and then immediately returns after fooling the hunters. He was all set to face the hunters until his devious ploy was discovered. After several encounters, he makes his way back to the Nether and makes his way to the Nether’s castle while being chased by hunters.

While fighting their way across the castle, the flamethrower collects the rod and fends off his pursuers, before proceeding to barter with the Dream Piglins. George suffered a happy death and even expressed his desire to quit mid-game. A big win for Dream was the “Punch II” bow he made in Nether. While the bow helps him win various fights, it also helps him launch himself at great distances.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

The video then focuses on the dream leading to the fort. After a chaotic encounter at the End Portal, Dream manages to enter the End. He then approaches an obsidian spike and builds a redstone contraption that allows him to fly over the dragon using the boat. The hunters (except George) follow and are killed one by one as Dream uses TNT and his height level to his advantage.

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The final stretch of the video features Dream and George in a 1v1, with both players trying to throw each other down a one-block flight of stairs into the void. The encounter seems to end when George is knocked back and hits an endstone block, killing him.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

The dream, however, remains trapped in a stream of water that goes straight into the void. However, with an impeccable display of skill, he uses his fishing rod to snatch some of the Ender pearls from George’s body and send himself to the ground.

From there, the ecstatic dream cries out in joy as he is attacked by hunters, who no longer have armor or weapons. The Manhunt ends when he blows up all the Ender Crystals, slays the Ender Dragon, and shouts the words that follow each of his Manhunt victories:

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

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Over the years, Dream has become the face of Minecraft’s online content creation community, taking YouTube, Reddit and Twitch by storm. His in-game skills and various speed records have made him one of the most popular Minecraft streamers around. It’s that time of year again. Minecraft star Clay “Dream” has just announced the next entry in his ever-popular “Minecraft Manhunt” series on YouTube. In a tweet that sent half of Twitter into a frenzy, Dream announced that this manhunt could potentially be the last.

Minecraft Manhunt has been the pinnacle of Minecraft content on YouTube for over two years. Since the first video surfaced in December 2019, several videos in the series have become the most viewed content on Dream’s YouTube channel. In the series, Dream goes up against a group of his friends, who work as a team and try to kill him before winning the game, i.e., killing the Ender Dragon.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

With the most recent video in the series premiering on December 2, 2021, fans have been waiting more than two months for a new entry. Dream is constantly finding ways to push the envelope in his Manhunt videos, which is why the hype surrounding them is huge. In this article, players can find out everything they need to know about the release of the next Manhunt video.

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The 22-year-old YouTuber posted a picture along with his tweet, showing an example of him being chased by his friends and fellow Minecraft streamers George “georgenotfound”, Daryl “BadBoyHalo” and Nick “Sapnap” while climbing an antifrost end spike. And the Ender Dragon soars and roars in the background.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

The image, designed to look like a poster, reveals the video’s release date of Saturday, February 26. The video is set to premiere live at 2:00 PM PST/ 5:00 PM GMT/ 6:00 AM PHT. The upcoming video will serve as the 26th video overall in the Minecraft Manhunt series.

Each stage of the series of videos increases the number of players chasing the Dream (called hunters) by one. The series begins with a Hunter, played by GeorgeNotfound, and as the next video approaches, a strong team of Hunters is assembled.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

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Adrenaline and uncertainty surrounding every manhunt video attracts fans. The popularity of the series is evident from the fact that the most viewed video on Dream’s channel is “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters Grand Finale”, which has accumulated over 108 million views and over 4 million likes.

Several content creators like TommyInnit and Seepeekay, among other players, responded to Dream’s announcement. Even Sapna made a tweet of her own. Tommy asks Dream if it really is the last, Dream replies that it is and jokes about how Tommy is “canceled” as the sixth Hunter.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

@Dream @camruna if you look closely in the background there is a ntfrost scaling the surface with a pick axe. This is a rwfwtence of the hit game “Gaying Cave Yout” that clearly hints that the next manhunt will be in Kill It Over Gamer.

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As the release date of the new video approaches, players will be eagerly waiting to see what new tricks or Mechanic Dream comes up with this time around. With the last match ending in defeat, he is sure to gear up for a decisive victory this time.

37 The Best Dream Wallpaper Hd Minecraft

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