37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil – He said to Joseph: “So, let’s see what will happen in his dreams.” This is what Jesus said: “He trusts in God; Let God deliver him now, if it please him; for he said: ‘I am the Son of God.

Judah offered to sell Joseph for 20 pieces of silver. Judas in Greek is Judas who sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

Sold for the price of slaves in silver pieces (20p in 1900 BC, 30p in 33 AD, inflation) Through archaeology, we know that the price of a slave increased through inflation.

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Goat’s blood was sprinkled on Joseph’s clothes. Jesus, our scapegoat/passover goat/lamb, had his own blood sprinkled on his own clothes. The Passover animal could be a goat: Ex 12:5. Goats: Leviticus 16:8

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

False stories of his death told and deceived many for a long time, animals/blood on clothes. Disciples steal bodies

Both wore royal robes and dressed like a king, Jacob wore Pharaoh’s royal robes and collar. Jesus wore a purple robe while wearing a crown of thorns.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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Joseph gave a signet ring for 7 years of plenty before 7 years of famine and death. Jesus broke the 7 seals that caused famine and death.

10 brothers are sentenced to prison and released after 3 days. Jesus was condemned and resurrected after three days.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

The ancient Jewish Targum identified Simeon as the main leader to kill Joseph. “And Simeon and Levi, who were brothers in council, each said to their brother: Behold, the master of this dream is coming. And now, let us kill him, we will throw him into one of the pits and say that a bath of evil animals has devoured him; and we shall see what will be the interpretation of his dreams.” (Jewish Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel On the Pentateuch, J. W. Etheridge, Gen 37:19, 1892 AD). Jesus gave bread to Judas to identify him as the betrayer.

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Righteous Judgment: Joseph spared the innocent (Elder Reuben) for the guilt of Simeon (the next oldest) who spent years in prison until the brothers returned. Jesus is our perfect judge who can separate the sheep from the goats. Simeon received the worst land in the Negev and was absorbed into Judah and Levi received no land at all.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

The first news that Joseph/Jesus was alive was not believed. Jacob did not believe that Joseph was alive. The male disciples did not believe Mary when she reported that Jesus was alive.

He comforted those who betrayed him and felt guilty. The disciples were comforted because they abandoned Jesus on the cross Except John, who was the only one who was in the trials with the foot of the cross.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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Hebrews under Joseph and Christians under Christ were exempted from losing their blessings, but enjoyed “all physical/spiritual blessings” while the rest suffered.

This “low chronology” follows K. A. Kitchen and O. Keel. Papyrus Berlin BM 10012 marks Sothis (Sirius) raised in the 7th year of Sesostris III dated to 1830 BC. Douglas Petrovich PhD follows secondary chronology which gives a date of 1872 BC. The low/high difference is based on the assumption where the heliacal rising was observed: Memphis/Lahun (high) vs. Elephantine (low).

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

1. The real story of Joseph being sold into slavery as a type of our salvation in Christ is one of the most important themes in .

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3. With a well-constructed chronology of time and the latest archaeological information we have identified more than 70 different ways that Joseph was a type of Christ.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

1. Some good Christians are “absolutists” who will only accept qualities if they are identified as such in the New Testament.

A. Adam is specifically said to be a type of Christ in Romans 5:14: “But death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned like Adam’s offense, which is a type of man who was to come. .” (Romans 5:14)

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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B. They say that Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac is a type of Christ’s resurrection in Hebrews 11:19: “He considered that God could raise people even from the dead, from which he also received him back as a type.” (Hebrews 11:19)

D. With this formula, the “absolutists” believe there are only TWO examples of quality in the whole.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

A. The tabernacle was a shadow of the church: “The Holy Spirit signifies this, that the way into the holy place has not yet been revealed while the outer tabernacle still stands, which is a symbol of the present time. Thus both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make the worshiper perfect in conscience,” (Hebrews 9:8–9).

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B. Eating and Jewish holy days like the Sabbath: “Therefore let no one judge you for eating or drinking, or for a feast, a new moon or a sabbath, which is only a shadow of what is to come. come; but this good is Christ’s.” (Colossians 2:16–17)

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

C. All the laws of the Old Testament: “For the law, because it is only a shadow of the good things that are to come and does not have the form of the things themselves, never can, not even the sacrifices that are offered year after year, become perfect those who. come near.” (Hebrews 10:1)

A. While two specific details are identified as types by the Holy Spirit, the rest is wide open.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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B. We are told that tabernacle and temple are a type, but NO WHERE are we told how or what is typical. While we are told in Rev 5:8 that the prayers are represented by incense, we remain to connect the specific points.

C. They do not tell us how eating, drinking or the monthly and weekly festivals are a type of New Testament theology but leave it to us to infer it from wisdom.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

I While we are told in Hebrews 4-5 that an eternal sabbath rest remains for Christians in heaven, the narrative never specifically calls it a type or shadow or anything. The Holy Spirit leaves the reader to INFER the quality between the weekly Sabbath and our eternal Sabbath rest in heaven.

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Ii. Even though we are told: “Christ our Passover is offered for us” 1 Cor 5:7, they do not call it a type or shadow. Again we must deduce these.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

D. To say that the whole law of Moses is typical of New Testament theology is a very broad brush indeed.

A. There are hundreds of these types in the Old Testament that are NOT specifically identified in the New Testament.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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C. The story of Joseph in Egypt, slavery, exodus, baptism of Moses, Mt. Sinai then 38 years in Kadesh Barnea and finally crossing the Jordan to the promised land “heaven” is universally accepted but it is all inference.

D. Of course this description is based on a clear and indisputable pattern of 75 direct parallels between Joseph and Christ but nowhere does the Holy Spirit say that Joseph was a type of Christ.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

E. Even more dramatic is the fact that Stephen tells the entire story of Joseph in Acts 7:9-19 but never makes any specific connection between Joseph as a type and Christ.

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A. The parallel between Joseph and Christ is so compelling that it can be as effective as Isaiah 53 in converting Jews to faith in Christ if they are truth seekers and honest.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

B. To our non-Christian Jewish friends who scoff and sneer that these are mere coincidences or are largely taken out of context in non-Jewish methods of interpretation, such criticism is as hypocritical as it is historically un-Jewish:

I Historically, it is not Jewish because the first century Jews made far broader and looser-goosy connections between scriptures than the likeness of Joseph and Christ.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

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Ii. It is hypocritical because modern rabbis go further than their first-century brethren in making difficult and unbiblical connections between scripture and modern Jewish practice.

Iii. Modern Jews and rabbis who reject that both Isaac and Joseph were types of Christ are very UNJEWISH and are Christians who follow the principles of the old Jewish rabbinic method of interpretation.

37 The Best Dream Motivational Quotes In Tamil

C. “If you are familiar with the Talmud and the Midrash, you will know that the rabbis applied all kinds of obscure verses to the Messiah and the Messianic era, often taking them completely out of context (for a representative sample, see below. , 4.34). In most cases, these Jewish sages were clearly not looking at an entire portion of Scripture—an entire psalm or chapter—when they quoted the verses in question. Rather, what attracted their attention was an association of words, or an association of ideas, or an even further link connecting the given verse or phrase with the Messiah. This was quite common in Rabbinic interpretation during the first thousand years of this era, but it was not limited to Rabbinic writings, especially two thousand years ago. At that time, it was common in other, non-Rabbinic Jewish sects to quote verses atomistically (ie, without relation to the larger context). This is especially common in the Talmudic and Midrashic writings, and while the authors of the New Testament sometimes engaged in this practice, for the most part their methods were more moderate and systematic than this. Then it should not surprise us,

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