37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

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Millennials and Gen Z are revisiting indie pop, grunge fashion, and the Tumblr aesthetic of the early 2010s. Wouldn’t it be nice if life still looked like that?

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

Rebecca Jennings is a senior reporter covering social platforms and the creator economy. Since joining in 2018, her work has explored the rise of TikTok, internet aesthetics, and the pursuit of money and fame online. You can sign up for her bi-weekly Culture newsletter here.

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POV: It’s 2013. You’re listening to a Purity Ring song on your iPhone 4S, wearing an American Apparel tennis skirt while reblogging a Tumblr post featuring Santana and Brittany from

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

This is probably not what you were doing in 2013 statistically. But wouldn’t it be fun to pretend?

Reliving a very specific subculture from the period roughly spanning 2009 to 2014 – the age of indie pop, ironically oversized glasses, and late-wave finger mustaches – is what countless millennials and Gen Z kids are after. doing it right now, online and in their bedrooms. “Pop or flop?” sets a TikTok trend asking users to rate “coming-of-age indie pop bangers” from those years. Girls are recreating outfits inspired by the hyper-style image macros of flower crowns and band T-shirts they loved in middle school. Others dig back into their teenage and teenage angst social media posts. “If you were on Tumblr in 2013-2014 you should be eligible for a higher discount,” reads a self-deprecating video of the genre, as if it were several generations ago and no less than a decade.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

None Fandom, Left Airplanes

“We’re seeing posts resurface 10 years ago,” said Cortney Kerans, Tumblr’s head of communications. He noticed that something strange was happening when

Animated film from 2010, was the most popular film on the platform during the week of March 16. “It didn’t make any sense,” he said. “There was no news about it, no piece of art that went viral.” When Kerans took a deep dive into what else was trending, he noticed a pattern: Everyone who remembers the internet in the early 2010s was rediscovering their fantasy favorites, like

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

Like junk food, video games, and at-home hair dyeing, nostalgia is a popular pastime even in normal circumstances, but especially so in a time where the present feels inescapable. In 2017, millennials flocked to emo-themed concerts to relive the melancholy soundtracks of their youth. In 2018, young people made memes about being nostalgic for 2015, in part because anything before President Trump felt like some long-forgotten past. Now, when a pandemic commands us to stand still at the exact same time, the only way through is backwards.

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For Krystine Batcho, a professor of psychology who studies nostalgia at Le Moyne College, this is no surprise. Big changes in life, even positive ones – career change, marriage, moving – are always accompanied by feelings of wildness, a return to a time when things felt simpler and less scary. So is loneliness. “Life as we knew it a month ago may never return in the same form,” he said. “We really aspire, if nothing else, to be able to visit that past.”

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

Young people in their late teens and early 20s are already the age group most prone to feelings of nostalgia, Batcho explains, because this is the time in our lives when the trappings of childhood are left behind forever. (The second most nostalgic demographic is the elderly, but it’s less likely that the years between 2009 and 2014 are the “good old days” they’re thinking of.)

As one might assume, when we’re nostalgic for the past, it’s not really our old Tumblrs or the movie.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

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That we really long for, but the feelings associated with them. “What people crave is the time when they had less worries, more innocent fun, and more emotional support during a difficult time,” Batcho said. “It was simpler. Now there are all these choices. [Social media] got so complicated that it ruined some of the fun.”

POV: It’s 2020, and you’re in your childhood bedroom as an adult. Not by choice, but because your university has closed the dorms. Your whole life is online now – classes, grocery shopping, friend dates, real dates. It reminds you of another time in your life when online was the only place that really mattered.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

For 18-year-old student Anna Tulenko, that time was 2013. Back then, her all-girls Catholic school had 15 people in each grade, so her real social life was on Tumblr and Instagram, the fandom communities for alt-pop artists such as Troye Sivan, Marina and the Diamonds, and Lana Del Rey.

The Great Showdowns: Campbell, Scott, Harris, Neil Patrick: 9781781162774: Amazon.com: Books

“The ideal was pastel grunge, the 1975, Arctic Monkeys, American Apparel, black-and-white stripes, and jelly shoes, like you were living in an episode of

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

,” she jokes about the aesthetic she was obsessed with at the time. She and a few friends online from the early 2010s made a TikTok video transforming into a Tumblrized version of their younger selves – pigtail buns, chokers, e-girl hearts, knee socks, and chunky platforms, grabbing a copy from Lorde’s

Since she’s back at her parents’ house in New Jersey, Tulenko says, “I feel like I’ve gone through every stage that I went through in early adolescence.” Of all the times to feel nostalgia for, I mention how strange it is that we long for that particular period, which is often one of the worst in our lives. No one I know really liked being in the seventh grade, but Anna says that’s part of the reason she’s revisited it. “I think it’s partly because of the melodrama of it all when you’re that age, especially for young women,” she said. “You feel pretty bad about yourself.” At 18, she can put some of that tween angst into context. The music she was listening to and the clothes she was wearing in 2014 is “an escape in itself, because now the world just feels like such a harsh place, and this was a time before I realize that.”

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

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People often long for things that felt horrible at the time. Batcho says that part of it is perspective — we realize how pointless our worries about boys or acne or friends really were; we realize that everyone is completely bored in middle school. The other part, though, is that we like what’s familiar. “At the moment, for example, there is so much unfamiliarity,” he said, “that even going back to the difficult times is still somewhat comforting.”

POV: It’s 2012. You’re nervously transferring to college in New York City, more alone than you’ve been since middle school. You pass the time by stumbling through other people’s identities, trying to find one that fits. Instead of camaraderie and frat parties, you listen to the sad bands you read about on that niche blog no one has heard of.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

I hated being 19, but there was never a time when I listened to better music. This, of course, is not an objective statement. All age groups believe this — the best music was the kind they listened to when they were saddest; the best

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But there is something distinctive about the music from our teenage years in our millennium, even though there doesn’t seem to be a reputation for what it is or if it can even be described as a genre. Perhaps the best we have is “indie pop”, a stepdaughter of the “twee as fuck” indie pop of the 2000s, although it includes pop and alt-rock and dreamy electronic music and artists with little in common sonically, like Vampire Weekend and Grimes, Frank Ocean and Robyn.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

“It was so exciting. It made me feel so cool and scared,” says Joel Albers, founder of the Lights & Music Collective, a record label that hosts indie-pop dance parties. “When people started making laptop music, the floodgates opened. I remember playing Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance,’ which at the time was an indie dance hit but then crossed over to pop, and people would look at me in the gym, like, angry.” Even back then, nobody knew what to call a new kind of music, he remembers. “Everybody called it ‘techno.’ They called Miike Snow, Passion Pit, anything with synthesizers ‘techno.'”

Joel’s traveling dance party has featured exactly this type of music since the music was really new. In 2013, he threw a club night in a small bar in Seattle called Dance Yourself Clean, after the song LCD Soundsystem, dedicated to independent pop artists who did not fit the pulsating EDM beats that were popular in lounges at the time. Over the next few years, it expanded to Los Angeles and New York City, where there are a handful of other popular indie pop dance parties that offer a similar escape to a time when the word “hipster” could be a meaningful description of a person.

37 The Best Bad Dream Quotes Tumblr

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