35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

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35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes – “Did you get home safely?” Jaemin struggled to find the words to speak to her, and Dami could feel his nervousness even over the phone.

“Okay, yeah… OK… that’s good,” Silence came up to greet them as they were both too scared to speak. sent have just published their photos and at the moment when they could potentially spend their last moments together, they spend them away from each other, “like…”

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

“Just say it, Jaemin.” dami finally interrupted him: “Please, no sugarcoating. we both know the photos are already out and it’s only a matter of time before people find out it’s me. so just say everything you have to say.

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Jaemin considered saying nothing, in fact he considered pretending that the whole shipping scandal didn’t even happen. but there was no way to escape it.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

“I think… for a while… we should lay low… and by that I mean we should…” Jaemin couldn’t finish the sentence. he didn’t want to have to finish, but when the company found out that jaemin had lied about having a girlfriend, they were confused. they pressured him to end everything. that makes sense, he thought. it would be easier to hide your identity. it would be best, he kept telling himself, to “break up.”

“All right.” dami quickly replied. Jaemin was surprised by the speed of her reaction. he hadn’t even processed what he said and she had already agreed.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

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“mmhm,” Dami tried to hold back her tears, making sure Jaemin couldn’t hear her, “I understand.”

Jaemin broke Dami’s heart, but it broke his as well, knowing that she didn’t even try to fight him.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

Pairing – jaemin x fem!oc (idol!jaemin, friends lovers to ex?, staff!oc, stylist!oc) summary – in 2019, kang dami was lucky enough to land a spot as a stylist at sm entertainment . I followed a lot of stylists before I officially became a full-time employee in 2020 and started working primarily as an NCT Dream stylist. a story about an idol and a staff member sharing intimate, temporary moments together. in which they both lost the war.

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35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

Doctors said that if you take treatment, you’ll be lucky to live more than a few months. If you were even luckier, you might have had surgery to remove the tumor from your head. After all, you didn’t tell Jaemin about it, you didn’t want him to worry even more and be a burden to him. You thought that if you kept it to yourself and treated it a secret, things would slowly get better and he would never have to find out. Nothing would have to change.

But things became much more complicated. You were running out of excuses, running out of reasons to reject his advances for short dates in between his busy schedule. Declining all the different dishes he offered you or trying to find a way out of whatever he had planned. It hurt and confused him. He knew something was up, you had never denied him before, why were you suddenly acting so cold towards him?

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

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One particular afternoon changed everything. Meanwhile, he went to your apartment to spend time with you since it was his day off. You asked him to leave a little early, even though he asked if he could stay the night. You told him you had some classes to finish and he couldn’t stay. It was around three in the afternoon when you asked him to leave.

Leaving your door, he remained on the ground floor of the apartment building, waiting. A few minutes later, as he suspected, you came downstairs, all changed. He was following you in secret. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t do it. He respected your privacy and didn’t want to be seen as that ‘overprotective’ guy, but he had no choice. He knew you were hiding something from him and he wanted to find out what it was.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

When Jaemin finally realized you were heading towards the hospital, he was confused. Did you have a sick person in your family? Why didn’t you tell him? He would take you to the hospital to visit them instead of walking alone on such a hot day.

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However, Jaemin didn’t expect to see you sign your name and leave to go into one of the rooms. He asked the lady at the reception why you were in the hospital and if you were visiting anyone.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

The woman sighed, then told him why you were there and told him words he would never forget: “She is admitted here for treatment. He has a brain tumor.

Jaemin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. You were sick and you didn’t tell him. He could have been there to take care of you, to help you through it, but you chose to keep it away from him. He felt betrayed. But most of all he felt guilty, guilty that he couldn’t be who he was supposed to be, your boyfriend.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

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– He’s been coming here for several months. She answered, checking on her computer. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, sir, I have other matters to attend to.”

Jaemin was shocked. Couple months? How did he not connect the facts? With each passing second he couldn’t help but feel worse than he already was. He quickly takes out his phone and starts searching for information about the brain tumor. He knew very general, vague things, masses that had grown in the brain that could affect brain function and, in worst cases, result in death. The last three words were like a blow to the heart. You wanted to get better, right? Have you been through this? You had to.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

He couldn’t help himself anymore and entered the room you had entered earlier. You were very shocked when you looked at him. You looked almost embarrassed. “Jaem, I-”

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“I was terrified. I thought if I didn’t tell you, it would disappear and no one would have to know about it. You started it.”

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

He didn’t need words to come up with an answer, and you hung your head in shame. You weren’t better off. The doctor said you only have a few months left before the headaches and strokes become worse than before. They wanted to keep you in the hospital until then, to monitor any cases where it might become too unbearable, and hopefully keep you alive for another day.

To your surprise, the next thing you knew you were in Jaemin’s arms, his chin resting on the top of your head. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. Promise me that you won’t hide anything from me anymore and will stay strong? For me?”

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

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Since that afternoon, Jaemin had done everything in his power to never leave you. He visited you every day after practice, and if his schedule didn’t allow it, he called and texted you every day. Things like, “Have you taken your meds yet?” or “Make sure you drink water and eat what they give you, okay? What do you want for dinner? I’ll pick it up after training. It was these little things that made you still feel loved even when it felt like the world was giving up on you.

Jaemin made sure you knew how much he loved you until his last breath. The small conversations exchanged between the two of you right before you go to sleep, when he would be lucky if his manager would let him stay the night.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

“I will start a foundation with your name. Y/n Foundation.” He said one night. You were lying in the hospital bed, he was sitting in the chair next to your bed, his arms resting on your side.

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“I will donate money to help patients with brain tumors. I want to help you leave your mark when… you know…” Silence. You both decided it would be best not to talk about it, even though you both knew it would happen one day.

35+ Best Nct Dream Jaemin Quotes

That’s true, but I don’t think my name deserves to be involved in such a great initiative. You replied, earning a scoff from Jaemin. “Excuse me? This one.”

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