35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama – Follows a talented high school student named Jisoo who is determined to escape a dead end life. With his father leaving him behind to fend for himself, Jisoo decides to engage in prostitution to pay for college.

2. “I have no idea how to describe how you are. I mean… except as an extremely good student.” – Jinwoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

5. “My dream is to graduate. Go to college. Find a job. Have children, raise children. Live an average life and die… an average death.” – Jisoo

Twenty Five Twenty One

6. “The money I need for this… is 90 million won. This is my dream prize.” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

7. “Do you think anyone in this day and age would be so stupid as to forge their parents’ signature on a report card with the highest grades?” – Jinwoo

8. “If someone said they saw a student selling themselves and his name spread around the school… their life would be over.” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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10. “You still have time to go to the academy and it pays you enough to pay the bills. This is a sweet part-time job. It ties me in too, doesn’t it?” – Gyuri

12. “You act like you don’t care, but you always do a good job. It’s annoying.” – Jinwoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

23. “Bastards who know nothing about other people’s situations dig up and expose things around them and make them bad people. I just don’t get it.” – Jisoo

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27. “You have to take at least part of it. Threaten or torture him. Are you going to let that bastard go?” – Gyuri

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

28. “Everything you say is part of a scheme. Every single word. So don’t tell me anything.” – Jisoo

35. “You’re an old king, but you’re a good f**king warrior. I think you can kill them all.” – Minhee

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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36. “If you ask for it, there is always a way.” You have to work hard for it.” – Kitae

38. “It’s not that I’m crazy about him, but more like… He’s fun. He can be quite entertaining.” – Gyuri

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

39. “First, he’s smart. There is also a kind of charisma in him. And he has an unexpected wolf side to him. But he thinks he’s a puppy.” – Gyuri

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42. “Mr. i can’t do it anymore. I have to do well in everything. In school. With friends. Everything. Everything.” – Gyuri

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

44. “I thought I was going crazy. Sometimes, I just want to throw up. The smell of my breath. Because I can breathe even if I do nothing.” – Gyuri

46. ​​”We put unnecessary stress on you to do well academically, and that’s why you did it. To be honest, I was offended. We … never did that to you.” – Gyuri’s mother

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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48. “You have to cut deep into the vein to die, but I couldn’t figure out exactly where.” – Gyuri

49. “And don’t worry too much. If by chance something inconvenient happens while you’re working, we’re always close by so we can help you right away. Have faith.” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

53. “To be honest, you have no authority. The police have no authority. It is not that minors are prohibited from entering motels. She can go anywhere. This is her personal life.” – Jisoo

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55. “Hey. Don’t say anything, okay? You don’t have to tell her anything. We don’t need to answer that. If you don’t want to, don’t do it.” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

57. “It’s my job to be an old fart. Even if I don’t like it, I have to be there for you guys.” – Jinwoo

58. “Mrs. Minhee Seo, we have decided not to offer you any more services from this day forward. You know the reason better than anyone.” – Gyuri

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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60. “Didn’t you hear last time? I don’t need to see you because you tell me to. I have no obligation to do so.” – Minhee

62. “Why are you choosing me? I’m not evil. Why does everyone choose me?” – Minhee

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

63. “Minhee, when are you going to tell me?” Once that boy Jisoo is found dead, will you tell me then?” – Haekyung

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76. “It’s Minhee’s private life. It’s up to her to decide. Do you want me to tell you? Are you crazy? Of course, I would cover it. I’m a girl too.” – Gyuri

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

78. “Do you girls have like a secret clan or something? Why join when you’re not even close?” – Kitae

83. “If you kidnap someone, you have to threaten me or do something, but do it quickly, dammit!” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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85. “How long will you fight in these wars? You are all alone. You open your own trench, run away by yourself and make your own statements”. – Jake

95. “God. I never expected anything from that bastard Daeyeol. I didn’t want to know what the hell he did at night whether he killed people or sold people, as long as I got my money.” – Mijung

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

96. “F**k! No one forced me to do anything! I went by myself. Nobody paid me!” – Kitae

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97. “Do you still want to do this shit? Seriously? Even after this mess? Aren’t you afraid?” – Jisoo

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

98. “We almost died once a day recently. How do you lack all sense of reality?” – JisooI’m sorryyyyy… This b**ch??????????????? Really. Telling Fengjiu how he should feel and telling him to stay away from Donghua. Heart… Darling… Darling… It doesn’t work like that. Fengjiu has been in love with that man for about a million years and now you think you can come and destroy him. what do you have? I was in love with him for about 5 minutes and I was very high and mighty claiming Donghua like he was someone’s property. Also, I’m mad about fruit. (I knew it happened but I’m still mad) If any of you *characters* knew the real reason Fengjiu wants that fruit. Mad at Donghua for letting his jealousy get the better of him so that Jiheng can take the fruit just to cure this toxin. Which I understand and all, but she wasn’t the one who made the effort to win the damn contest. However, she has a cure by staying in the Fanyin Valley for several hundred years. Fengjiu may I add that he wants to save a life… Please everyone… choose a side wisely. (Just kidding, but this scene just made my blood boil)

Oh honey no. not after what I just did, not after I just had the life out of me. Don’t look back now, don’t choose it over everything else.

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

Kdrama Review: While You Were Sleeping, Best Ost, Why To Watch, Where To Watch(no Spoilers)….

I’m starting to dislike Lian Song’s loud a**, it was fine at first, but now I think you should stop asking to know everyone’s work. (Sorry, I think that word really pissed me off)

Like Ming… I have no words. Disappointed in you man. I just hope it’s all for a good cause…how about telling Donghua (because he’s a jerk too atm)

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

I don’t condone Fengjiu’s bad decisions, but she deserves this fruit. Ye Qingti deserves to be alive. Soooo… I think I’m only approving this one time. Never again though.

Moving (korean Drama)

Hmmm, everything is clicking now Donghua, isn’t it? But on a serious note, what we’ve all been hoping for Donghua to reveal is finally here. This may have, no, this has made Donghua think more deeply about Fengjiu and his feelings for her. If he doesn’t know he’s in love by now, he will soon.

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

I kept thinking pythons were birds when I first read this scene, I don’t know why. I mean it would work though, considering the Fanyin Valley is a bird tribe (I think) birds would work just as well as snakes.

I swear most of their scenes since returning from the mortal arc have been in a bed or with a mirror. Hey…not complaining though.

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

Drama 2022/2023] The Interest Of Love/understanding Of Love, 사랑의 이해

Start giving Xiao Yan a break now. He’s just a cinnamon roll with repressed anger issues, he just wants his love back…

Yes, Donghua’s technique to make one fall in love. Convince them in the long run. (This may be because of the translation, the subs I’m watching go between engagement and marriage. In the novel, he convinces her that they are married.)

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

Thank you, writers, directors, all the staff for giving us twenty minutes of this. You. have my heart

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There’s a whole scene in the novel that’s just dedicated to Donghua forcing the creatures in the water to protect Fengjiu, it’s really quite funny.

35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

Let’s do some explaining now before we get into things. Aranya’s real life already happened… so what we’re seeing is the dream version, but you know what that means, she has the ability to be manipulated, which we’ll mostly see from Donghua.

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35+ Best Dream High Quotes Kdrama

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